Why hd porn videos are not banned in Forest brothers from the west countries

Porn has been around for many years in various forms. It has evolved from still images that were not overly graphic to low quality video to HD porn videos. It has gone from something that was only for men to something that caters for all tastes and has something for everyone. The industry has always been technologically forward thinking, and is always incorporating new techniques and video capture technology. But even still there are countries that have banned porn because of moral ideals, though the countries of the Western world are not among them.

It is Big Business
One of the reasons is because porn is a multi billion dollar industry, current estimations put the porn industry at $97 billion dollars. The industry is not only financially viable, but it pushes technology to its limits. Many of the new technological advances have come from the porn industry needing improvements in technology to fulfill their visions. While many countries have banned porn, Western countries have not because the financial implications, and the digital advances are not to be discounted. On average, $3000 per second is spent on accessing porn, and the industry invests huge amounts of capital into technology research and development.

There is Minimal Internet Censorship
Another reason why Western countries haven’t banned HD porn videos is because there is less censorship than in other countries. Western countries hold freedom of speech to be an ideal, which means that there is very little censorship over internet use. Parents can choose to use parental controls to prevent their families from accessing porn, but this is individual choice, and is not governmentally regulated. The lack of censorship means that porn is very easily accessed.

There Is No Conflict Between Religion and Moralism
Some people would consider the difference between religion and morals to be another reason why HD porn videos have not been banned. There is always debate on whether accessing and using porn is morally correct, or even religiously correct. For countries in the Western world, this again comes down to freedom of speech and choice. People are entitled to make their own decisions, regarding their religion, their morals and ideals, their core beliefs and whether or not they watch porn.
This does not mean that the porn industry is without its flaws. There are many issues that need to be improved on, and examined, but some of the issues are not considered unacceptable in western countries. The use of steroids and other drugs in the porn industry is a problem, and the lack of regulation for issues like this is a problem, but no viable solutions have been offered as yet. It could be considered that the west is more liberal on the issues of the porn industry, or the use of porn.

HD porn videos are gaining in popularity in western countries because of the quality. The days of renting a VHS tape from the back room of a specific store are over, and porn can be streamed directly in to the home in full high definition quality. While porn generates massive finance, pushes the boundaries of technology and has options for the tastes and proclivities of every user, it will not be banned in the Western countries.